March 2002

01-03-2002, What do people do while waiting for a train?

02-03-2002, Having a Li125, Li150 and a TV200...

02-03-2002, I was missing a TV175 in my collection.

02-03-2002, Hehe, engine stamped TV2, and cylinder head 200.

09-03-2002, Will Moto Guzzi admit they ever build creatures like this?

09-03-2002, Hopefully my 1950 R51/2 will ever look like this.

09-03-2002, Cool pre-war BMW's.

09-03-2002, Heavier then a Mini Cooper!

09-03-2002, BMW single cylinders.

22-03-2002, Opening of the motor cycle season in Copenhagen, about 7000 motorcycles parked in a single street.

29-03-2002, Edith and Erik in Waterfront, Rotterdam.

30-03-2002, Sir Alberto the Chainsmoker spinning records, Waterfront, Rotterdam.

30-03-2002, Sir Alberto and Peter, Waterfront, Rotterdam.

30-03-2002, Dave and Pieter, Waterfront, Rotterdam.

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