January/February/March/April 2003

As my camera broke and my life is not exciting, not as many pictures as usual...

01-01-2003, Rotterdam, Happy new year! Count the mobiles.

01-01-2003, Rotterdam, Pieter playing the organ with the Nederbietels.

11-01-2003, Southampton, I heard this rattle in my BMW...

24-01-2003, Southampton, my new toy, more pics soon.

14-02-2003, London, Dirty Water Club, Les Dutroncs!

02-03-2003, Southampton, flying with Dan.

02-03-2003, Southampton, flying with Dan.

31-03-2003, London, installing some racks with John FPD and it works!

03-04-2003, Portsmouth.

03-04-2003, Portsmouth, Johhny, our Welsh Pompey.

05-04-2003, Southampton.

06-04-2003, Isle of wight.

06-04-2003, Isle of Wight.

17-04-2003, Copenhagen.

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