Fitting a 12V generator and electronic ignition

Purchased from MZ-B. If mounted correctly no alien parts can be seen from the outside.

05-02-2004. 12V generator replaces the original 6V.

05-02-2004. Electronic ignition. Won't fit like this on my R51/3 (tank is too narrow).

05-02-2004. They thought of almost everything.

05-02-2004. The regulator, it is supposed to go under the tank. Except, that again it doesn't fit my R51/3.

05-02-2004. The pick up for the ignition.

05-02-2004. The new 12 volt battery.

05-02-2004. Empty battery casing. Will fit both the 12 V battery and the regulator. Only hope it won't get too hot.

07-02-2004. All old parts removed.

07-02-2004. The old ignition and generator.

07-02-2004. The new generator fitted without the rotor.

07-02-2004. The new generator complete.

07-02-2004. The ignition pick up mounted.

07-02-2004. Ignition and generator mounted.

07-02-2004. Ignition and generator mounted.

07-02-2004. High tension coil and the 'black box' in place.